Elizabeth Grace Matthew

Writer in Philadelphia, PA

Elizabeth Grace Matthew is a Visiting Fellow at Independent Women’s Forum and a Regular Opinion Contributor at The Hill.

Matthew's writing about education, politics, religion and culture has appeared in various outlets including:

USA Today, America Magazine, Deseret News, Law and Liberty, The Bulwark, The Dispatch, The Washington Examiner, Fairer Disputations, RealClearBooks&Culture, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Patheos, and FemCatholic.

Her broadcast media appearances include The Federalist Radio Hour, Good Morning Liberty, The Chris Spangle Show, and #TheFinal5.

Matthew holds a bachelor's in English from the University of Pennsylvania, a master's in English from Penn State, and a doctorate in Education from St. Joseph's University. Before turning to writing full-time, she spent over a decade as a university professor and administrator.

Contact her at [email protected].